Principal’s Message

Christ School, Rajkot, the garden of life, nurtures, nourishes and flourishes the children – the buds in the Jivan Vatika of learning, not only till they blossom with the fragrance of love, peace and joy wrapped in the lessons of forgiveness but continues guarding and catering them until they start bearing the fruits of life for enriching the humanity.

Christ school, under the Management of Rajkot Diocese Trust, gives much importance to gain the true natural and the practical wisdom beyond the knowledge in an era of knowledge explosion to prevent the futile and rot learning.

Of course, the syllabus under CBSE ensures that the students learn the right lessons at the right age and progresses their knowledge along with its practical application.

Our programme of Personality Development and Communication Skills makes the children very confident in their social interaction and interpersonal relationship to make life more meaningful and fruitful. The Ultra -Modern Digital Electronic Board makes the task of creative presentation of the content of the curriculum easier and well accessible for the teachers as well as students.

The online live video classes provide the class room at home on line.

The several of the creative and the brainstorming co-curricular activities planned, designed and developed by the school will surely make the children truly the global citizens while they steadfastly remain as the Children of Bharat Matha in their heart through their spirit of Ahimsa, tolerance and deep Faith in the value of Non- violence as believed and practiced by the Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Our team of young dynamic and well trained teachers ensure that every child is givenhis due individual attention and importance as we believe that the learning is individual while teaching is a collective exercise.

The continuous on- line assessment and feedback keep the children motivated even during the pandemics. I acknowledge with great sense of gratitude towards the parents of our students for their constant guidance and support to their children as well as our teachers to make the teaching-learning of our children comfortable and commendable. I pray and firmly believe that the present difficult days of pandemic will pass soon and the Christ School, the Jivan Vatika of learning will be full of buds- the children - blooming and spreading the fragrance of love and happiness of Christ, the tree of life, all around the society.


M.A., LL.M., M.B.A., B.Ed.