Guiding Principles to Students

  • Be God-fearing. Take care never to o?end God.
  • Never waste; time is precious, use it well.
  • Lend a helping hand to everybody.
  • Never omit the lesson or homework assigned to you.
  • Revise at weekends all that were taught during the week.
  • Pray well, prayer brings God nearer to you.
  • Do not be selfish. Think of others first.
  • Learn your daily lessons. Do not leave everything till the time of the examination.
  • Draw up a personal time table and be faithful to it.
  • Love your parents  and  teachers  and  be  grateful  to them for the love and a?ection they shower to you.
  • Take corrections from your parents and teachers in a cheerful manner. Those are only for your good.
  • Do whatever work  assigned  to  you  with  a  willing heart.
  • Remember that study is your first duty as a student.
  • Never make fun of the old or the poor.
  • Always be friendly with others in and out of school.