School Prayers

Payer before the class

Eternal God / creator of all / we adore and praise you. Give us your wisdom / that we may study well/ obey our teachers and parents / and be honet / in our behavior. Keep us in your loving care and help us to love and serve / our brothers and sisters. Teach us / to be good always / and do good to others / and become faithful citizens / of our motherland.

Payer after the class

Almighty God / we thank you / for all your blessings you have granted to us. Help us / to remember what we have learned / I am really sorry / for all my failures. Make us better and gentle persons. Keep us safe / and protect us / from all dangers. Give us your grace to do our duties / sincerely and lead a life / pleasing to you.

Prayer for Parents

Good Lord, / thank you for giving me good parents / I know they live for me day and night. They Sacrifice their health / Wealth and time for me. Even when I rest / they continue to work Even when I sleep / they keep awake. They toil day and night / to secure me a good and decent living. Above all / Lord / they bring to me Your love and concern. Let me not disappoint them / Help me to fulfill their expectations / by growing in wisdom and truth / and by working my way to success. Let me bring them / good Name by word and deed. Bless them, O Lord / with good health and Happiness all their life.

Prayer for Teachers

My teachers, Lord / are the seat of wisdom and patience / When I fail / they stand by me / encouraging to start afresh. When I make mistakes / they correct me / and when I am successful / they are really proud of me. With their love, concern and strictness / they help me to become the best I can / but Lord / it's their boundless patience / that I pay my tribute to. Even when in anger they scold me / they keep trust in my goodness / and cherish me / forever in the corner of their hearts. Today I feel myself blessed / to have such teachers to / walk by me till I find my way / clear and certain.